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Has your SleepGuard headband stopped working the way it is supposed to? First click here to try our do-it-yourself troubleshooting guide. If you don't wind up solving your problem using the do-it-yourself guide, we look forward to being of service to you by quickly repairing your unit, or shipping you a pre-paid refurbished SleepGuard biofeedback headband as soon as we receive your return.

Once you have pre-paid for your unit to be refurbished by adding the items you want below to the shopping cart, just proceed through check-out. After you check out, please place your non-functioning SleepGuard unit in appropriate packaging (bubble envelope or box), and return it to:


Holistic Technologies Service
32A Fairmont St.
Arlington, MA 02474


To ensure that you receive your replacement unit promptly, please make sure the return address you put on the package matches the shipping address you enter in the order form which follows this page. You don't need to call for an RMA number when first paying for the repair of your unit as long as the return address on the package you send us matches the address on your repair order.

Refurbishment and Accessories Order Form

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(new batteries, fabric headband, and sensor pads included, not shipped until we receive your returned unit)





External sensor pad wires allow you to attach external sensor pads (for instance to detect masseter-only clenching) in addition to or in place of the sensor pads on the unit.

 External Sensor Pad Wires





Set of 2 CR2032 Coin Cell Batteries




Replacement Headband




Replacement Pads

Set of 2 Replacement Sensor Pads



GrindAlert Manual

Owner's Manual (revised

December, 2012)

Photo of Set of 10 Adhesive Solid Gel Pads




Set of 10 adhesive solid gel pads (each reusable about 10 times). Not needed by most people, but for people with dry or oily skin, using these pads on the SleepGuard sensor pads can make the sensor pad connection to skin much more reliable and prevent unwanted beeping.









Refurbished SleepGuard Guarantee
Your refurbished SleepGuard biofeedback headband is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date you receive it. If you experience any problems with your refurbished unit within this guarantee period, please call us at 781-643-1242 and we will issue you a return authorization (RMA) number. Units being returned under this guarantee should be returned (with RMA number written on the package of on a slip of paper within the package) to:


Holistic Technologies Returns
32A Fairmont St.
Arlington, MA 02474

Returned units are usually repaired and shipped back to you within two business days.


NOTE:  Neither your original shipping & handling, nor the cost of return shipping are reimbursed as part of this guarantee.


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